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Meet the first true Peer to Peer telephony edge device.
Introducing Network Telephony!

Our new Telephony Hub® peer edge device is perfect for your Home Office, can scale to as large as the Internet, yet is drop down plug and play simple to use. Now, any telephony function is just a software download away!

No Server Needed! Our powerful Highways® UDP/IP protocol uniquely allows our Telephony Hub® peers to self allocate resources and process real time events. Finally! No expensive and complicated servers required!

Our ByWays!® Rapid Application Development (RAD) open source API gives your developers full and complete open access to our Connections! product line. Let our solutions easily and modularly grow with you, from your home office, to as large as the Internet.

Contact your local dealer to explain how Connections!, the Phone System™ can help you boost your productivity.
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